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Your photos are in store for them in the following formats available:
 Ordering Options Price / pcs.
A photographic print 13 x 18cm Prior to delivery of an image is cropped this from us and for the best photo developing optimized. € 7,00;-
B photographic print 15 x 22cm € 12,00;-
C photographic print 20 x 30cm € 15,00;-
D photographic print 25 x 38cm € 21,00;-
E photographic print 30 x 45cm € 23,00;-
F Image File / Digital File € 17,00;-
G G Digital Files / The Complete Series Image Series is per tournament for a horse / rider combination. € 95,00;-
  Shipping 1 Domestic Shipping € 4,00;-
  Shipping 2 International shipping € 9,00;-
Our offerings include in particular also the special commitment of your personal photographer.

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